StringLED is a system dedicated to highlight an outdoor ads. LED billboards, LED coffers and LED highlighted letters are the objects which use StringLED set. It is composed of LED modules interconnected by flexible conductor. The set is stuck into structural aluminium profile of LED billboards and LED coffers being an integral part of the set. In LED letters, the set is mounted directly to the base. StringLEDs are manufactured using LEDs from American CREE Company. The LEDs are protected by polycarbonate cover and the whole units are encapsulated by over-moulding technology.

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Technical features
30 LED
60 LED
~230V AC, 50 Hz
100 mA
170 mA
13 W
23 W
0,6 C
Protection class
IP 64
Light source flux
1500 lm
3000 lm
On/off cycles
> 20000
Light colour temperature
6500 K
Lamp durability
> 50000 hours
On time
< 0,1 s
Lighting angle
Operating temperature range
- 30° +50°C
Expected time after which the LEDs output decreases by 30%.
LED light appears immediately after turning on, without any delay.
Our LED light sources have no replaceable elements as opposed to all other light sources.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of mercury and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of lead and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are consistent with directives of the European Union. They hold CE mark.
in compliance
with EU
Housings of LED luminaires do not heat up. They can be mounted on flammable base.
mounting on
flammable base
is acceptable
Electric circuit should be grounded.
Like each electronic device, it is subject to mandatory utilization and recycling procedures.
do not
throw into
litter bin
      StringLEDs are fabricated in two power supply versions: with 12V power supply unit and as supplied directly from mains. We promote the version which is supplied directly from mains as it is cheaper, more reliable, ensures longer lifetime of the system and consumes less energy. LED billboards and LED coffers with StringLEDs are constructed from basic sets. The basic sets are fabricated in two versions: with 30 LEDs or 60 LEDs. On this page, you will find a calculator which designs distribution of LEDs in a coffer or a billboard so as the number of LEDs is always divisible by 30. In this way you find a kit of illuminating LEDs matched to specific ad unit. Each set of 30 or 60 LEDs is provided with anti-failure module called MPA. Its task is to protect LEDs from harmful peaks from mains (industrial interferences, lightning discharges, etc.) up to 4 kV, and to ensure short-circuit protection, overload protection and to provide current and temperature stabilization. Owing to application of direct supply from mains major drawbacks of power supply units like susceptibility to failures, power losses or short lifetime were eliminated.
LED Calculator
LED calculator designs optimum distribution of LEDs within LED coffer or billboard. Full 30-element StringLEDs are always used.
Enter the dimensions:
L= mm
W= mm
T= mm
Optimization results:
         No. of horizontal LED points =  pcs
         Spacing of horizontal LEDs R =  mm
         No. of vertical LED points =   pcs
         Spacing of vertical LEDs P =  mm
         Flux =   lm
         Power consumption =   W
See how wonderful shines your ad with our LEDs.
      It is often the case that ads must be installed in adverse and harsh atmospheric conditions, hence our equipment was designed so as the installation is made quickly, safely and reliably. LED modules are installed to the profile with latches. Dismounting is made with a screwdriver by prying them out (see the product sheet). The installing person should take precautions as for other 230V circuits, and especially – all mounting procedures should be made when the set is disconnected from the 230 V mains.
       Each StringLED set is a separate and independent electronic system. This means, that the sets should be neither shortened or interconnected. Mounting works should be made by a person with qualifications for 230V mains.
      LED billboards and LED coffers are ad media commonly used outdoor; if they are well illuminated using a reliable system, they are eye-catchers and become more effective.