The ArchiLED is the first our product of LED lighting. It shines reliably for over five years in various places and conditions. These examples of implementations are the best evidence of durability and reliability of our products. As concerns its construction, ArchiLED is composed of LEDs with light beams dependent on the needs, in all available colours, with programmed change of light colour. A plate with LEDs is installed in a dedicated profile of anodized aluminium and encapsulated in thermo-conducting resin; the LEDs being shielded with polycarbonate hoods.

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Technical features ArchiLED
1 m long for LED spacing:
37 mm
74 mm
~230V AC, 50 Hz
90 mA
50 mA
12 W
6 W
0,6 C
Protection class
IP 65
Light source flux
1400 lm
700 lm
On/off cycles
> 20000
Light colour temperature
6500 K / 5000 K / 3500 K
Lamp durability
> 50000 hours
Lighting angle
12x20 mm
Operating temperature range
- 30° +50°C
card ArchiLED
card LEDnumer
Expected time after which the LEDs output decreases by 30%.
LED light appears immediately after turning on, without any delay.
Our LED light sources have no replaceable elements as opposed to all other light sources.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of mercury and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of lead and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are consistent with directives of the European Union. They hold CE mark.
in compliance
with EU
Housings of LED luminaires do not heat up. They can be mounted on flammable base.
mounting on
flammable base
is acceptable
Electric circuit should be grounded.
Like each electronic device, it is subject to mandatory utilization and recycling procedures.
do not
throw into
litter bin
      Construction of ArchiLEDs enable to compose long light strings. They are fabricated in two power supply versions: 12 VDC and 230 VAC. The 12 V version is delivered in 25 cm long sections terminated with connectors. The connectors allow the user to compose the strings according to the needs. The system includes also flexible connectors to change the direction of light lines. LED strips are secured to base surface with discreet catches. A very interesting application includes lighting inside a church where light colour can be changed according to that of canonicals. Coloured LEDs with colour mixing controller allow for programming any colour out of RGB colour model.
Szeroka gama barw w LEDach kolorowych. Można je mieszać, łączyć, tworząc niepowtarzalne efekty świetlne.
Dla producentów mebli do wbudowania jako eleganckie i dyskretne źródło światła.
Dla producentów mebli do wbudowania jako eleganckie i dyskretne źródło światła.
Dla producentów mebli do wbudowania jako eleganckie i dyskretne źródło światła.
InsertClick connector
Securing in holders
Power connector
Allows to change LED line direction at any angle.
Supply cable is introduced through side wall using a side connector where the light line needs  to be continued while maintaining the LED spacing. For LED illuminators of the frontlight type..
Supply cable can be introduced through rear wall of profile. Helpful in case of hanging LED lamps and when the cable goes through gypsum or furniture plate.
Flexible connector
Side connector
Back connector
For furniture manufacturers. To  be built in as an elegant and soft source of light.
Construction of LED light lines in ArchiLED modular system is easy and fast. No special tools or qualification are necessary.
Circumferential lighting
Mainly used to highlighting the contours of petrol stations, industrial facilities and urban complexes.
      Another highly valued products from decorative LED light class of our manufacture are so called contour lamps (peripheral, end-outline lamps). These are coloured LED lines most often used on petrol stations. LED strips encapsulated with resin are shining inside a colour profile. The LEDs are supplied from a current source, so the light is of the same intensity over the full length (in imported strips, the brightness decreases as the distance from the power supply unit increases). Our contour lights has shined for many years on petrol stations of the largest fuel suppliers in Poland.
Illuminated house number LEDnumer
Innovative solution of house number illumination. Illuminated are the letters (digits) but not the background. Solar and mains versions are available.
LEDnumer is the house number lamp illuminated with LEDs. By using an optical waveguide technology and the total internal reflection phenomenon, we have achieved a unique effect that digits shine with gentle colour light. The number of a house is clear and visible from afar by day as well as by night. The colour of digit light can be selected to match with elevation or to meet house owner’s preference. A twilight sensor turns on the illumination upon the onset of darkness. The installation of house number lamp can be performed easily and quickly – no special tools or qualifications are necessary. The kit includes two sets of 0 through 9 digits and a foil allowing to cut another signs.

wide colour palette
with twilight switch
LED illumination
long life

Solar LEDnumber
with solar cell and accumulator.
Ecological, needs no external power supply.

Operating principle:
Solar cell charges the accumulator during the day. At night time the accumulator feeds LEDs illuminating the number. Shining time depends on insolation available at the point where LEDnumber is installed.

Mains LEDnumber
is fed from mains

Technical data:
Supply voltage: ~230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 0,6 W; λ=0,08 C
Current consumption: 20 mA
tc: 30°C
IP 43
Illumination colours available:
Wide range of colours allows to select the number to match the elevation or according to host’s preference.