The Frontlight is a long, over the entire billboard width, LED lamp equipped with optics consisting of lenses so as the ad is evenly illuminated independently of the distance from the lamp. We have constructed this lamp to be resistant to mechanical impacts, very difficult for dismounting by unauthorized persons, resistant to weather conditions and energy-saving. As low as 75 W is enough to illuminate a billboard from its front.

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Technical features
1 m long lamps
~230V AC, 50 Hz
150 mA
23 W
0,6 C
Protection class
IP 64
Light source flux
2500 lm
On/off cycles
> 20000
Light colour temperature
6500 K / 5000 K / 3500 K
Lamp durability
> 50000 hours
Light intensity at the surface
400 lx
Maximum dimensions
24x100x6000(max) mm
Operating temperature range
- 30° +50°C
Expected time after which the LEDs output decreases by 30%.
LED light appears immediately after turning on, without any delay.
Our LED light sources have no replaceable elements as opposed to all other light sources.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of mercury and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of lead and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are consistent with directives of the European Union. They hold CE mark.
in compliance
with EU
Housings of LED luminaires do not heat up. They can be mounted on flammable base.
mounting on
flammable base
is acceptable
Electric circuit should be grounded.
Like each electronic device, it is subject to mandatory utilization and recycling procedures.
do not
throw into
litter bin
      Maintenance-free and lack of replaceable elements generate tangible benefits for the owners of advertising surfaces. The lamp can be installed to illuminate the surface either from above or from beneath. The Frontligth works very well for illuminating signboards, inscriptions, signs. Owing to a good colour rendering index (CRI), Ra>80, illuminated billboard displays vivid, strong colours. Such ad distinguishes from others illuminated with spot-lights for which a large irregularity of illumination exists. Owing to slim structure and small size, the Frontlight illuminates the ad in a discreet way and in no way dominates over it. Installation of the frontlight-type lamps is always very difficult and their maintenance troublesome. Our Frontlight is easy to install and requires no maintenance.
Reliable LED illuminator of billboards and ads with a front light.
Billboard with vandal-resistant frontlight lamp.
      Our LED lamp for illuminating ads has no elements which require replacement, and – what is most important – it has no power supply unit which is the weakest component considering its short lifetime. Customer can select the housing colour: white or silvery (anodized aluminium). Selectable is also the light correlated colour temperature, light intensity at illuminated surface, type of optics and a diffuser. All these elements decide about the light quality, which will be according to customer’s expectations. Owing to low weight of the lamp itself, delicate aluminium structures can be used to support it.