You are welcome on the page of SOWAR Company – the manufacturer of lighting system using LEDs. We offer a wide range of lamps for numerous applications and systems for illuminated ads. We have been using LED light in our products since 2004. We have pioneered the LED application in ads in Poland. It was exactly the LED illuminated ads which were the primary area of utilizing the innovative LED technology.
LED – modern source of ecological and energy-saving light. LED – technology of the future.
      LED (i.e. Light Emitting Diode) is a modern, energy-saving technology which transforms electric current into LED light and which consumes much less energy than traditional light sources like incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs having been used formerly. Long lifetime rating, possibility of adapting light colours, simplicity of service and wide diversity of products are the largest advantages of LED light sources. Therefore, it is not surprising that LED luminaires find application in apartments, offices, industrial facilities, commercial objects, schools and hospitals.
      LED lamps are the most energy-efficient light sources and, as opposed to fluorescent lamps or “energy-saving” bulbs, include no mercury or other harmful substances. It is only a matter of time before all light sources would be replaced by LEDs as there is no better solution.
      Our LED lamps, owing to special lenses and diffusers, enable various angles of light radiation. A customer can choose a lamp with wide angle for even illumination of rooms or with narrow angle when it is necessary to reduce effect of discomfort glare by attaining the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) as required by standard in force. Diffusers enable light scattering to relieve spot nature of LED light.
      Our standard offer includes a “crystal” diffuser where scattering takes place on the crystalline structure of polycarbonate, and an “opal” diffuser where scattering occurs in a milky material. There are two standard versions of aluminium luminaires: silvery – anodized aluminium, and white – lacquered aluminium . Our lamps are easy to install and need no additional power supply units (they are directly connected to 230V mains). They also excellently operate outdoor in illuminating systems for elevations, gardens, greens, multi-coloured decorations of architectural structures – buildings, bridges, towers, overpasses. Each page of our lamps include a configurator which allows to configure a lamp for your needs. Lighting designers are given a chance of designing their own lamp, which then can be produced in our company – the chance unavailable in other light technologies.
You are given LED light – inexpensive, reliable and friendly as no other.
      LED technology is used in outdoor advertising solutions. LED light is ideal for illuminating billboards, signboards and large-format ads. We offer several types of verified lightning solutions and assist in selecting the best ones. Modern LED light advertising enables effective and energy-saving illumination of ads from backside, as in coffers and billboards, and from the front side, named frontlight. We also produce EvenLED plates used to highlight posters, signboards, stop ads of citylight type.
      LED advertising has effectively replaced neon signs always associated with Wrocław. Who does not know the hat from the “Good evening in Wrocław” neon, or a thief creeping on a roof of PZU Insurer building? We are continuing these Wrocław traditions as our seat is located in this city. Did you know that Wrocław was called Polish Las Vegas owing to its position of the most illuminated town in Poland?