The function to change the brightness abruptly. There are three levels: 100%, 50%, 25%. The transition to the next level of brightness is achieved by briefly switching off and on the lamp. It’s convenient in use, and does not require any additional equipment in the electrical system. A useful function to change the level of brightness wherever we want, depending on our needs.
Integrated motion sensor turns on the light when it detects a moving person. Characteristics of the sensor is omnidirectional. Following the area of the circle with an 8 m diameter. It is equipped with a brightness sensor. It does not react when it’s bright, during the day. It turns off the light after the set time. Ideal for passageways, corridors, stairwells.
Turns on the lamp when the brightness falls below a set threshold and turns off when the brightness increases above this threshold. Designed primarily for maintenance-free illumination of rooms or areas from dusk to dawn. It also has the option of illuminating on a demand. A useful function wherever duty or decorative lighting is necessary.
This module allows for the emission of light during the power outage (according to PN- EN1838: 2005 standards). It consists of a control system for detecting loss of power voltage and the battery to guarantee the emission of light in the specified by the standard time. It is used both as a backup lighting and evacuation lighting for all of the evacuation areas: evacuation routes, open zones, zones of high risk.
It measures the level of brightness in the room and give only as much light as you need. Its role is to compensate the brightness of large areas with windows, which are used during the day. By the windows the lamps emit less light, in the back of the room - more. This innovative solution leads to comfort improvement and reduction of energy consumption. It reacts to changes from the outside by changing the brightness of the lamps. Both on sunny and cloudy days, the amount of light in the room is always the same.