Polish LED manufacturer
      SOWAR Ltd. is a manufacturer of LED lighting systems. Our seat is in southern part of Wrocław, at 15 Ziemniaczana Street, close to bypass road of Wrocław.
      As a manufacturer of LED lighting, we offer you various solutions for home and business. We design and fabricate reliable LED systems – finished products and subassemblies for advertising, lighting, furniture, construction industries and many others. Our team of experienced designers use leading edge technologies to create ideal products of high energy efficiency and reliability. Owing to lead-free welding technique and modern SMD mounting, our products are environmentally friendly.
Facility of Sowar Company, Polish manufacturer of LED lighting.
LED products and luminaires are manufactured in our premises using modern technologies of lead-free electronic soldering.
  We use well-tried LEDs of US manufacturer, thus combining advanced technologies from across the ocean with solutions adapted to European markets. All our products are fabricated in our works in Wrocław. Since 2004 our engineering department has developed innovatory products with LED technology in lighting purposes. Many of them are protected at Polish Patent Office. As we have been engaged in this sector for over a decade, we have acquainted with the best manufacturers of LEDs and made use of their characteristics. We use only the LEDs from reputable and respected manufacturers: CREE, Osram, Seoul Semiconductor.
      Our product are successfully used to illuminate office buildings, warehouses, production halls, public utilities and private apartments. LED lighting is also excellently applicable in various outdoor advertising media.
      Products from SOWAR are safe and consistent with standards valid in the European Union. Their high quality was confirmed by satisfaction of our customers and confidence we have gained. Among our customers, the largest operators of outdoor advertising are the following companies: AMS, Tejbrant, Ströer.       You are encouraged to contact personally with our employees, who due to their vast knowledge and long experience, would assist in selecting the best lighting solutions. Some of our implementation you may meet each day, e.g. by visiting a communication interchange at Struga Street, Opole or an apartment house at Włodkowica Street, Wrocław.
All LED products are our innovative solutions.