The LINED strip light represents our response to market demand for professional, reliable lighting in the form of long strips (tapes) providing strong illumination. Imported tapes and LED strips cannot be recognized as light sources; their light is weak and the efficiency so poor that they in no way are energy-saving. Our products have enjoyed a good reputation for over five years.

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Technical features LINED
1 m long for LED spacing:
37 mm
11 mm
~230V AC, 50 Hz
90 mA
100 mA
12 W
0,6 C
Protection class
IP 65
Light source flux
1400 lm
2000 lm
On/off cycles
> 20000
Light colour temperature
6500 K / 5000 K / 3500 K
Lamp durability
> 50000 hours
Lighting angle
Maximum dimensions
6,2x14 mm
Operating temperature range
- 30° +50°C
Expected time after which the LEDs output decreases by 30%.
LED light appears immediately after turning on, without any delay.
Our LED light sources have no replaceable elements as opposed to all other light sources.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of mercury and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of lead and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are consistent with directives of the European Union. They hold CE mark.
in compliance
with EU
Housings of LED luminaires do not heat up. They can be mounted on flammable base.
mounting on
flammable base
is acceptable
Electric circuit should be grounded.
Like each electronic device, it is subject to mandatory utilization and recycling procedures.
do not
throw into
litter bin
      What we have done for our LED strips to make them better as compared to the imported ones:
  • we use LEDs from renowned US manufacturer with efficiency of over 110 lm/W
  • we protect LEDs with a shield made of polycarbonate, i.e. the transparent material with excellent resistance to mechanical impacts
  • the plate is encapsulated in thermo-conductive resin providing protection against weather conditions and ensuring well heat dissipation
  • all structure is placed into aluminium profile to ensure proper rigidity and resistance to mechanical impacts, and at the same time to attain good heat removal.
Our LED strips are fully useful sources of light; original ideas  may be used to build various light compositions.
This is not a Chinese LED strip. This is professional light source of any colour temperature to illuminate shop expositions in discreet and effective way.
      The LINED product is fabricated in two power supply versions: 12 VDC and 230 VAC. We promote and recommend the 230 VAC version as it ensures high efficiency which could not be gained in 12 VDC version. The lifetime of LEDs depends on temperature wherein they operate. In competitive products you will not find care about the operating parameters of LEDs. It is just a myth that LEDs do not emit heat. They do emit heat and the feature of good products is the construction allowing the heat to be effectively removed from the area where LEDs operate. In our products we made everything possible to ensure good operating conditions for LEDs as only then the product would be reliable, durable and would ensure users’s satisfaction over a long period. Our LINEDs are satisfactorily used to illuminate municipal transport stops in many Polish towns, mainly in Warsaw and Kraków. See for yourself what this light is. You do not need to be a professional to notice the difference when comparing it with fluorescent lamps.