The EvenLED is the newest technology of illuminating posters and signboards. LED light introduced into PMMA plate via its edges, is emitted from the plate area. Such solution causes that EvenLED plates are distinguished by high evenness of surface shining not attainable in other products of this type. As concerns the construction, EvenLED is composed of shining plate shielded with polycarbonate if it is to shine on both sides, or with PVC and opal, if it is to shine on one side only. LEDs are located in aluminium profile on the plate perimeter. Such structure is as thin as 20 mm and ensures IP65 protection class, hence it can be used outdoor at harsh weather conditions.

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Technical features
plates 1000x1000 mm
two sides illuminated
four sides illuminated
~230V AC, 50 Hz
170 mA
320 mA
23 W
45 W
0,6 C
Protection class
IP 64
Light source flux
3000 lm
6000 lm
On/off cycles
> 20000
Light colour temperature
6500 K
Lamp durability
> 50000 hours
Light intensity at the surface
1200 lx
2400 lx
Maximum dimensions
20x2000x3000 mm
Operating temperature range
- 30° +50°C
Expected time after which the LEDs output decreases by 30%.
LED light appears immediately after turning on, without any delay.
Our LED light sources have no replaceable elements as opposed to all other light sources.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of mercury and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are free of lead and its compounds.
LED lamps and products for advertising are consistent with directives of the European Union. They hold CE mark.
in compliance
with EU
Housings of LED luminaires do not heat up. They can be mounted on flammable base.
mounting on
flammable base
is acceptable
Electric circuit should be grounded.
Like each electronic device, it is subject to mandatory utilization and recycling procedures.
do not
throw into
litter bin
      Illumination with EvenLED plate can be described as a combination of the newest technology of manufacturing polymethyl methacrylate elements with miniature spot LED light sources of high brightness. This is why we have attained the effect of highly even shining of large surfaces while their thickness is as low as 20 mm. EvenLEDs are perfectly suited to illuminate signboards, information boards and ads.
      The light is delivered by LEDs secured in aluminium profile on the plate perimeter. As the plates use LEDs, they have many advantages, like low energy consumption, high efficiency and long lifetime. EvenLED plates are also very resistant to both mechanical damage and external conditions. Among technical parameters which distinguish our product, the durability of light is worth mentioning. It amounts to over 50,000 hours; and they withstand over 20,000 on/off cycles.
Illuminated plates with LEDs on circumference. Thin, modern and elegant. For highlighting ads.
Highlighting ads and posters, now as a thin (20 mm) screen of highly uniform light emission.
      The range of operating temperatures for EvenLED plates is from -30oC to +50oC, which means that the plates would perfectly operate outdoor during winter season. The maximum dimensions of the plate are 20x2,000x3,000 mm.
       It should be remembered that there is hazardous voltage in the whole installation, hence the installation procedure need to be carried out with the equipment disconnected from mains. The installation should be performed by qualified person licensed for electric circuits 230 VAC.