Our projects
ArchiLED - overpass in Opole
StringLED - Billboard AMS Wroclaw
EVENLED – Ostrovia shopping mall
ArchiLED - tenement house in Wroclaw
ArchiLED–Regan’s Roundabout, Wroclaw
EVENLED - Bus stop in Warsaw
StringLED – channel letters
LEDnumer - private poperty
ArchiLED – indoor lighting
ArchiLED – indoor lighting
ArchiLED – chapel in Radwanice
ArchiLED – private property
EvenLED – Tejbrant bus stop, Warsaw
LINED – Tejbrant bus stop, Warsaw
StringLED in AMS billboard, Krakow
EvenLED, bank centre
EvenLED in parish
StringLED, bank centre
StringLED, bank centre
StringLED, bank centre
Round EvenLED, Berlin
Bench Lamp – Orsat
ArchiLED on the exhibition paintings
Lighting perimeter of the building
EvenLED paintings on display in Gdynia