1. What kind of benefits does the LED lighting give?
      The LED lighting is a high efficiency, mechanic strength, longer life than any other lamp. The servicing has been nearly completely eliminated. It transfers into lower costs of energy, servicing and protection of the environment. The LED lighting gives many possibilities of controlling the light: dimming, lighting up, selection of the colour temperature, angle of light distribution, the immediate switching on, very small brightness factor in time.
2. Are Sowar lamps ultra-efficient?
      In comparison with the traditional source of light (the bulb), our LED lamps give as much light using 10-15% of energy. In the whole life of LED lamp – that is minimum 50000 hours – energy savings will give tangible benefits. Our LED lamps with the power of 12W replace the bulb with the power of 85W. In comparison with the bulbs – which lifespan is about 2000 hours – in the whole life of our LED lamp, the bulb needs to be changed 25 times. It generates the costs to buy the bulb and then change it. To sum up, taking all the costs of the conventional lighting into consideration (cost of energy, cost of servicing, reprocessing), the use of our LED lamp generates the savings up to 1500 PLN.
3. Does the installation of the Sowar LED lamp make life easier?
      The lifespan of the lamp is 50000 hours (look at the description what the lamp lifespan is). It means that the lamp will never have to be changed. Install it and forget about the shops with lamps and bulbs. During this 50000 hours the energy saving bulb or the fluorescent lamp would have to be changed 5 times, the traditional bulb: 25 times. If you switch on the Sowar lamp for 6 hours per day, then the lamp will burn for 23 years. After this time it will not stop burning but its brightness will decrease of only 30%. Each one of us has at least one bulb that it is difficult to reach without a ladder. This is the one that burns out for most of the cases and then there is no extra one at home, so you have to drive to the shop. For the user a 25 times longer life means 25 times less risk of falling down from the ladder or getting electrocuted. For the entrepreneur it decreases the costs of the labour associated with the illumination servicing.
4. What does the LED lifespan of 50000 hours mean?
      It means that after 50000 hours the brightness of the lamp will not decrease of more than 30%. Now we have to point out the characteristic of the human eye, which is logarithmic. It means that the decrease of 30% is a scarcely visible decrease in brightness (the border of perception). The LEDs do not ‘burn out’ just like any other bulbs.
5. Does switching the LED lamps on and off makes their lifespan shorter?
      No, as distinct from incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy saving bulbs, the lifespan of the LED Sowar lamp does not shorten as a result of turning it on and off.
6. What is the lifespan of the LED products in SOWAR company?
      The lifespan of the products based on LED technology is much longer than of any other sources of light, like traditional bulbs, fluorescent lamps or energy saving bulbs. The lifespan of the Sowar LED lamps is the same as the lifespan of the LEDs (look at the description of the LED lifespan) and amounts to 50000 hours. Most of the manufacturers give this parameter, basing on LEDs’ parameters. The question of power supply unit is dropped. This is the element built from the units which lifespan amounts to under 6000 hours (electrolytic capacitor). After this time the lamps with the power supply break. It does not happen to the Sowar lamps because they don’t have the power supply. Elimination of the power supply gave the real lifespan of the product for over 50 000 hours, much better efficiency of the lamp (because the power supply unit is the energy-guzzler), and much less risk of a failure (the power supply units are the main cause of failures in the LED lamps).
7. How does the ambient temperature have an impact on the Sowar LED lamps?
      While designing the illumination products based on LED technology, one of the central issues is the heat removal. The LEDs live the longer the better the heat is removed out of the LEDs. It was a crucial issue while designing Sowar LED lamps. That’s why the housing is made of aluminium, we use the thermally conductive resin and profiles with the radiator section. Thanks to this the estimated lifespan of our lamps is longer than 50000 hours. The care of the heat removal is the best factor in estimating if the product is good or not.
8. What does the LED light look like?
      As distinct from the incandescent light, fluorescent light or compact bulbs, the LED lamps emit the light you need. Choose the warm or cool light. The warm illumination gives an impression of the sunlight, rooms become more atmospheric and cosy. The cool light aids efficient work, impression of cleanliness and sterility of the rooms. The light of the Sowar LED lamps has a very good colour rendering index, thanks to which everything looks much more vividly and realistically. Thanks to different diffusers or meniscuses you can choose from many combinations of the light distribution.
9. What about the UV and infrared radiation emission?
      Contrary to most of the other sources of light, our lamps do not really emit the light on the infrared or ultraviolet band.
10. Do the Sowar lamps have the photometric files?
      Yes, on the website of every lamp there are files to download in .ltd format, necessary for the illumination designers to make a professional project.
11. How the lamp parameters were examined?
      The lamps were examined in BND Light laboratory. The result of this examination are the technical parameters and photometric files.